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Discography ( All )

Nektar Man In The Moon Nektar Man In The Moon
1980 Ariola 202 215-320 & 402 215-352
Remastered 2002 (Voiceprint VP259CD)

Roye Albrighton / guitar, lead vocals
Carmine Rojas / bass, backing vocals
Allan "Taff " Freeman / keyboards, backing vocals
David Prater / drums, percussion
Cover Photo by Chris Callis
Cover Design by Gerd Huss

Originally released only in Germany in 1980. The remastered Cd was expanded to include previously unreleased tracks and reissued by Voiceprint in Europe however, the Voiceprint issue has been discontinued.

The Original Tracks found on the L.P.

Side A
Track Song Time
1. 04:17
2. 03:30
3. 03:40
4. 03:17
5. 05:25
Side B
Track Song Time
1. 04:18
2. 04:40
3. 04:05
4. 06:42

mp3 Music samples are red buttons

Bonus Tracks found on the 2002 remastered c.d.

Track Song Time
10. Impossible Years –Too Young Too Die (The Original Mix) 04:16
11. Straight Jacket – Previously Unreleased 03:47
man in the moon promo shot

Roye Albrighton's Nektar toured Europe with only the following band members.

Left to Right
Tommi Schmidt / keyboards, backing vocals
David Prater / drums, percussion
Roye Albrighton / guitar, lead vocals
Carmine Rojas / bass, backing vocals

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Roye Albrighton with his double neck guitar carmine rojas David Prater
Roye Albrighton Carmine Rojas David Prater
Tommi Schmidt carmine rojas David Prater
Tommi Roye Albrighton & Carmine Rojas Roye Albrighton & Carmine Rojas

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